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Libra Birthstone

Libra Birthstone Description

Libra Birthstone FAQ:

  • What Is Libra Birthstone? – Libra Birthstone is Opal & Tourmaline
  • What is Libra Birth flower name? Libra Birth flower is Calendula
  • Libra Sign Dates: September 23d to October 22d
  • What are the planets for Libra Birthstone? – Libra Birthstone planet is: Mercury, Venus, Jupiter & Neptune
  • Fixed stars associated with Libra Birthstone: Shoulder of Equis Major 18° of Pisces
  • Libra Birthstone Element: Air
  • Libra Birthstone dreaming of: Great possessions
  • Libra Birthstone  motto or express a sentiment: Love Me
  • Libra Birthstone country: New South Wales
  • Alternative birthstones for Libra: agate, Diamond (Black Diamond), amethyst, beryl, turquoise, jet, demantoid, emerald, smoky and pink quartz, cacholong, coral, flint, lapis lazuli, malachite, Morion, jade, opal, peridot, rhodonite, selenite, carnelian, falcon’s eye, tourmaline, uvarovite, fenaktit, fluorite, beryl, chrysoprase, chrysoberyl, crystal, zircon, citrine, jasper.


Libra.—Libra is the region of Rulership. It influences personal and civil government; social conservation; sense of justice, and gives dynamic force.

Libra is the home of Jupiter, the sign in which that planet finds its greatest power and sympathy.

Libra is the first and highest sign of the dynamic regions; in longitude the 30° of 181° to 210 °; R. A. the 13th and 14th hours, and in time and longitude the opposite of Aries, hence it begins the Autumnal equinox.


Libra.—The chord of Libra is Sagittarius, the region of defension and wealth. The responses, as we have noted under those signs, are Gemini in the region of the Intellect and Leo in the static zone—the dominant rulership of Libra giving a more executive character to the Gemini and Leo forces of Libra.

The color sympathy of Libra is crimson, and the general trend of its forces are ruling. It is the highest of the dynamic functions, the most active in maturing muscles, bones and woody fibres.

Jupiter is the planet most in sympathy with Libra forces, and the period of Libra’s greatest power is from September 22d to October 21st. The Sun is in Libra, the earth in Aries. The beginning, or first point, of Libra is the autumnal equinox, the Sun crossing the equator, southward, at that time.


Libra Birthstone

Libra Birthstone. Credits to Le Optick @ Flickr

Libra.—Ruler-ship; Crimson; Ruling.

This nativity has as its dominating elements rulership, pride and ambition a tendency toward severe conservatism and worshipfulness for law. It is seldom varied by others’ opinions or desires except by choice; seldom yields to mental or physical force, without severe resistance.

Libra responds to Gemini because its ambition is to seek higher planes of power, and in order to gain the aid of the formal intellect, to give keener direction. With high endowments this nature adds to its forces the full volume of stability, and is to the community around it an element of firmness and power.

It chords with Sagittarius; hence, when not carrying out the vocations that cluster around rulership in action, it seeks association with energetic mentalities in the fields of business reserve—the accumulation of wealth.

Of this nativity are many soldiers, commanders and commercial organizers. They love power, but find it often difficult to obey others of higher rank.
Sometimes Librans are attracted to the regional nature of Leo, and assume a place in the directorates of religious organizations.

The presence of the Moon in this sign, invariably a full Moon, is one of great power, particularly in this nativity. It adds to Libra a vast amount of distinct and useful imaginative ability, with clear conception of methods and progress in matters under consideration. It gives the constant Libra nature a brilliancy and regularity in application that is the foundation of great accomplishment. The combination is almost as powerful in its effects as if the signs were transposed.

Libra is essentially a region of rulership, and the Moon in Aries gives it the formal power necessary to completely sense the analytical phases of every undertaking.

Many great chemists are thus endowed. There is of ten a masterly control of the voice, and of gesture. The muscular system is quick and always at ease, with superior capacity to co-ordinate in complex movements.

The influence of the Taurus Moon upon Libra is one that endows that nature with practical reflective capacity, and with vivid imagination; constructive thought and power, and also arouses the intuitive spirituality of Libra. Usually Libra is positive, dogmatic, certain, logical, but not sensitive.

This regional influence adds sensitiveness gives inspiration, foresight, and likewise, psychological power.

It is able at invention, at applied science; is generally so in building and heavy construction work; and in many instances this influence forms the basis of a military and naval career.

The presence of imagination, of conforming thought and methods of specific utility that are often noted in this endowment (when blended with fine prenatal conditions), may reach a grandeur of purpose worthy of great admiration.

The endowment of the Gemini Moon in Librais one of varied effect, depending much upon the influence of the planets. It usually adds quickness of action and kindness of temper to the more rigid and persistent Libra force.

It trends toward ideality; imagery; the sensuous expression of admiration. It gives mental government and pliability in bodily movement.
In some combinations, this influence gives a somewhat fantastic intensity to the self-laudatory elements of the Libra nature, and thus depreciates or modifies some of that sign’s forces of dignity.

In the direction of oratory, in the government of the masses by thought and feeling, in power to influence the rules of social conduct, few natures can excel this one.

Birthstones Online / Libra Birthstone

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