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Birthstones – it’s a mystical and enigmatic world. There are a lot of gems in the world, but you need to find your own stone which match your birthday, your color, your month, your planet, your zodiac sign etc.

Birthstones online represents full, structured information about birthstones and gemstones. I hope this site will help you to find your birthstone and make a right choose in buying jewelry. 

What Are Birthstones?

Birthstones – are gems, which are uniquely suited to those born at a certain time in a certain month and a certain sign of the zodiac.

List of monthly Birthstones: Garnet, Amethyst, Aquamarine, Bloodstone, Diamond, Emerald, Pearls, Moonstone, Alexandrite, Ruby, Peridot, Sapphire, Opal, Tourmaline, Topaz, Citrine, Turquoise, Zircon, Tanzanite.

Meaning & Symbolism of birthstones

We are well aware of the existence of various planets and constellations. In addition, we know a lot of legends. We can don’t believe the legends and lore, we can don’t believe in horoscopes, we can don’t believe in the story, but we do know that the legends do not appear out of nowhere. For each myth or legend is always a base.

Many ancient myths and legends confer birthstones of magical, healing, mystical properties. These ancient stories tell us about the importance of birthstone colors, about the symbolism of the birthstone’s form, on the significance of the history of each birthstone.

What does means Birthstones by month?

  • January Birthstone means – Constancy;
  • February Birthstone means – Sincerity;
  • March Birthstone means – Courage;
  • April Birthstone means - Innocence;
  • May Birthstone means - Success in Love;
  • June Birthstone means - Health & Long Life;
  • July Birthstone means – Content;
  • August Birthstone means - Conjugal Felicity;
  • September Birthstone means - Antidote to madness;
  • October Birthstone means – Hope & Faith;
  • November Birthstone means - Fidelity;
  • December Birthstone means - Prosperity.

History of Birthstones

The origin of the belief that every month of the year was devoted to a particular stone and this stone gave some properties to those who are born in this month and for whom it was a Birthstone, we need back to the writings of Josephus in I. BC and St. Jerome at the beginning of V.

Both of these authors clearly indicate the relationship between the twelve stones Chest priests and twelve months of the year, and the twelve Signs of the Zodiac. Despite these early indications, the custom of wearing matching stones was not observed until relatively recent centuries.

The origin of the custom to wear Birthstones can be explained by the fact that the properties ascribed to each individual stone, especially medicinal properties have been the cause of wearing stones, «appropriate» disease. In addition, Birthstone in its effects could match the deep desire of man.

In other words, in the customary wear certain stones was a belief in the special properties of the stone, which originated long before as becoming recognized as a mystic connection between the stone and the month of a person (born in this month). Perhaps that is why the custom of wearing Birthstones spread relatively late.

The order in which the foundation stones of the New Jerusalem in Revelation transferred to the order months of the year and, therefore, the sequence of Birthstones.

The first stone was attributed to St.. Peter and March (to the chief apostle and to the month of the vernal equinox), the second – to April, the third – to May, etc.

However, many centuries later (probably in Poland), with help of rabbis or by Jewish merchants stones, spread custom to wearing Birthstones and this order was changed.

Hebrew historian Josephus wrote about the wonderful properties of Birthstones:

From the Birthstones which the high priest wore (it was onyx, and I find it unnecessary to describe their nature, as it is known to all), lights were coming, when God was present in the sacrifice.

Those Birthstones that were worn on the right shoulder, not on the buckle, and radiant enough to cover even distant subjects, though not before they had a similar sheen.

And of course, this in itself is surprising at all those who, despising religion does not allow themselves to carry away the false wisdom. However, I want to tell you something even more surprising, namely, that God declared victory in the battle with the help of twelve Birthstones, worn by priests over the chest bib .

While the army has not moved from the place they came from such a glow that everyone understood: the God helps them.

For this reason, the Greeks are deeply honored our ceremonies , because they could not challenge them, called the breastplate «Logion» or oracle.

However, bib and onyx is no longer radiate shine for two hundred years before, as I write this, because God was angry against the commandments.


Josephus must have seen the high priest in ceremonial garb, writes that the breastplate was decorated with «the twelve stones of exceptional size and beauty, which are not easy to acquire because of their immense value».

However, these stones were not just rare and expensive, and they also had an amazing magical powers.

In the Middle Ages the influence of precious stones per person was not disputed, but with the development of science in the Renaissance period, efforts were made to finding some kind of meaning in traditional beliefs.

Ironically, the very fact of the influence of stones on the little man doubted, it is accepted as a matter of course. All efforts were made to find a plausible explanation for the strange and mystical properties of gemstones, allegedly capable of influencing the character, health or happiness to its owner.

The most interesting medieval treatise on the properties of gemstones found in the paper «On the Nature of Things» by Thomas de Kantimpre (1201-1270), a pupil of Albert the Great, written between 1230 and 1244 years. Text in Latin, never published, but around 1350, the book was translated into German by Konrad Von Megenberg.

The other most frequently cited manuscript written Marbode, Bishop of Rennes, who lived in 1035 -1123 years from the birth of Christ. Work is called «Lapidary» (De Lapidibus).

Marbody – the great man of his time, a distinguished scholar and researcher. Not surprisingly, he became interested in magic and medicinal properties of gems. On these two pages of his book, describes the properties of the series: Chalcedon (Chalcedony), Emerald [Smaragdus], onyx (Sardonyx), Onyx (Onyx), Carnelian (Sard), Hrizilita (Chrysolite), Beryl (Beryl) and Topaz (Topaz). Initial letters of names of each of the stones were highlighted in red on the pages.

«Lapidary» was the most popular book about precious stones in the Middle Ages. It was translated into French, Spanish, Irish, Hebrew and English.

We know that there are 125 surviving Latin manuscripts in the world. Russia does not know of a single instance in the United States is aware of three.

The last time the copy of the book appeared in public in 1932. It was bought by Dr. Solomon M. Hyams.

In 1870 the well-known American Jewelry Company «Tiffany & Co» published poem «Unknown author». [Farrington, Oliver Cummins (1903). Gems and Gem Minerals. Mumford. pp. 63-64.]

Thus, the final list of Birthstones, in accordance with the recommendations of the Industrial Jewellery Council of America, looks today like this:

List of Birthstones by Month

January Birthstone Garnet
February Birthstone Amethyst
March Birthstones Aquamarine, Bloodstone
April Birthstone Diamond (including Black Diamonds)
May Birthstone Emerald
June Birthstones Pearls, Moonstone, Alexandrite
July Birthstone Ruby
August Birthstone Peridot
September Birthstone Sapphire
October Birthstones Opal, Tourmaline
November Birthstones Topaz, Citrine
December Birthstones Turquoise, Zircon, Tanzanite


What is Birthstone Jewelry?

In the birthstone jewelry, used a variety of products, such as:

  • Birthstone rings, including: mothers rings, birthstone earrings, birthstone charms, birthstone gifts, etc;
  • Birthstone necklaces, including: birthstone necklace for mom, family birthstone necklace, personalized birthstone necklace, mothers birthstone necklace, etc.

Birthstones & Gemstones

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